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A jumpstart into your career for job placement and career advancement.

DreamChasers Inc. 501(c)(3) is an all- expense paid program designed to develop emerging talent and launch careers for underserved young adults age 18 and up, who aspire to bring their dreams to fruition and soar in the Entertainment Industry in Hollywood, California. 

DreamChasers Inc. provides organizations, foundations, persons of interest and sponsors with a unique recruitment and branding opportunity to reach a group of high potential young driven DreamChasers for future employment and internships.

Qualified candidates will undergo a three phase rigorous interview process.  We accept underserved young adults (females and males) age 18 and up; no age limit. DreamChasers Inc. believes that it's never too late to chase your dreams!


Dreamchasers Inc. 2019 Workshop

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Dreamchasers Class of 2018

We are so proud of our graduating class of 2018. Special thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters. We were able to sponsor six young adults from Flint, MI. Our goal was always to assist young adults from our founder’s hometown; Flint. We were able to give them exposure, hands-on training, hone in on their talents and provide resources to them that aren’t available in Flint. This year has truly been a dream come true!

DreamChasers Class of 2017

It's been an amazing year for our Dreamchasers.  Special thank you to our sponsors and supporters! view all the magic in our photo gallery. click here to read our dreamchasers' testimonials. 

Our Mission

"transform lives and empower talented tenacious young professionals"

Our mission is to transform lives and empower talented tenacious young professionals to prepare them for Hollywood with hands-on training, self-improvement skills, valuable connections, industry resources and providing tangible opportunities to assist them with taking their career to the next level. Our ultimate goal is career advancement; which will enable DreamChasers the opportunity to cultivate their talents to obtain internships, entry-level positions and achieve a jump start in the entertainment industry.

We aim to: 

  • Serve the underprivileged in our communities by instilling our core philosophy “Give Back, Make An Impact.”
  • Empower the new generation of leaders to operate as change agents and mentors in their communities and foster a continuous cycle of serving and giving back.
  • Increase diversity and provide a pipeline of talent with access to the entertainment industry while eliminating barriers to entry.


Dreamchasers Class of 2018

DreamChasers Class of 2017

DreamChasers Inc. workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa.

DreamChasers of South Africa

Allow us to introduce you to the DreamChasers of South Africa!

In February 2018, DreamChasers Inc. implemented our workshop at an all girls orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa to celebrate our 1-Year Anniversary. We taught the girls about the life-changing affects of meditation, self-love and empowerment. We created scenarios  to combat peer pressure while building self- confidence. They responded very enthusiastically to our career building role play and were open to our talks on sex education, professional etiquette and personal goal-setting.  This experience was a dream come true, as we fell in love with these beautiful, loving, grateful souls who welcomed us into their home to implement our workshop. We can't wait to get back to South Africa to see our girls!

Get Involved!  Donate personal hygiene items, clothing, food, school supplies, etc. to the girls at the orphanage by clicking here.

Thank you in advance for supporting our DreamChasers of South Africa! 

We have implemented DreamChasers workshops that
will focus on the following fundamentals

DC fundamentals 1.jpg