Why Should You Donate?

There are many reasons why you should support DreamChasers. Among those reasons are:

1.  Directly impacting the landscape of some of Americas most forgotten demographics such as underprivileged adults in cities like Flint and Inkster, MI, among other cities across the nation.  Giving these deserving candidates the opportunity to experience something life changing outside of their immediate surroundings

2.  Opportunity to have a part in furthering the development of talents of those underprivileged adults whom may be lost in the shuffle during that crucial stage of what is traditionally completing high school and going to college.  DreamChasers recognizes that college is not for everyone and that certain life skills and entertainment industry experience cannot be obtained in traditional higher education courses.

3.  Cultivating productive members of society through the fabric of DreamChasers' mission, by promoting the notions of superior work ethic, service mentality, knowledge seekers, peer-support, health and wellness, and intentional living in all endeavors.

4. Spreading the spirit of charity and philanthropy by donating time and creativity to a variety of causes both directly and indirectly sponsored  by DreamChasers.

5.  Introducing the many facets of the Entertainment Industry with a career-minded objective.  DreamChasers' annual Workshop will provide travel, housing and relevant entertainment industry experience and networking to young adults over for a week.  Candidates will walk away transformed with new life experiences.

Last but certainly not least, the primary task of simply helping someone Chase Their Dreams.

Donate today!