Frequently Asked Questions


How much does the workshop cost?

 Are flights, hotels and food covered?
Yes. All accommodations are covered.

What are the requirements?
You must be a U.S. resident 18 years old & older, underserved with a passion for the Arts & Entertainment.  If you reside in another country, you will be responsible for your own airfare.

-What if I’m 40 years old?
Yes, we accept Dreamchasers 18 & Up. It’s never too late to chase your dreams.

How are candidates selected?
There is a 3-phase interview process:

  • Phase 1-Video Application

  • Phase 2-Telephone Interview with the Executive Board

  • Phase 3-Display of your work

 Do I need to have experience or a college degree?
No. However, you must demonstrate that you are actively chasing your dreams.

Is this an all-girls program?
No. Young women AND men are encouraged to apply.

Do you accept all nationalities?

How long is the workshop?
1 week.

 How long are the hours daily?
12 or more.

 Where will the Dreamchasers be housed?
In Hollywood, California or surrounding

Will I need to rent a car?
No. If you are LA local, feel free to drive daily.

Will I be paid for any work done during the workshop?

 Can I miss a day of the workshop?
Absolutely not! You cannot miss ANY portion of the workshop. You will be disqualified.

 How many Dreamchasers are accepted in each class?
10 max

 How many workshops are held a year?

 Can I re-apply if I didn’t get accepted last year?

 When will applications re-open?
Please join our mailing list for updates.

 What areas of the Arts do you focus on?
We focus on every faucet of the Arts and entertainment. Acting, directing, producing, writing, post-production, hair/make-up artist, dancing, photography, editing, wardrobe stylist, and production in general; all crew.